Hydraulic Hose Safety Inspection Recommendations

Hydraulic hoses move liquids under very high amounts of pressure. There is an exorbitant amount of energy released, should a hose leak or a fitting come apart. Many people who work with heavy machinery and are around hydraulic hoses each day often become less sensitive to the danger at hand.  It's important to always keep safety first. Here are a few safety recommendations from our team at The Hose Company.   It starts with proper inspection of your hydraulic hose a ... Read more

3 Ways to Reach Out and Support Customers

The webstore continues to be an economic solution for our customers outside the Charlotte, NC area. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround and quality components, including our Hydrauli-Flex hydraulic hose. We stand ready to make hose assemblies you order right online, using our custom hose assembly platform, or to ship bulk hose and fittings.  We want to be your bookmarked source whether you are five miles or 5,000 miles from us. Experienced Outside Sales Team With the new Preside ... Read more