5 Tips for Buying Used Farm Equipment

Farm-Equipment auctions are attracting more and more bidders interested in used machinery.  Auction producers have said buyers drive more than 400 miles to attend events, and they even receive international online bids. When a used tractor can be purchased for $50,000 instead of buying new at $100,000 it makes fiscal sense to investigate used equipment.  The Hose Company would like to offer a few tips on what to research before that auction gavel goes down.  

Tip #1- Always ask for repair records, find out how many hours are on the engine, and when the hydraulic components were last checked.

Tip #2:  If you don't have the full repair history on the equipment we recommend replacing all the hydraulic hoses at one time, with one vendor.  Doing this will give you:
  1. A start date for the equipment run time
  2. Volume buying power with your vendor
  3. And perhaps most of all- peace of mind.       
Tip #3: Take time to inventory all the hydraulic hoses on the machine.  You might save money by standardizing on a single style and size.
  1. Do you really need 3 hoses at ¾", two hoses at ½", and a couple of more ¼"? If the pressure needed is the same throughout you can purchase just one hose style.
  2. Can you standardize on the hose ends- all male pipe, or female JIC? That will help save in parts inventory, and perhaps let you swap out hoses without going to the repair shop.
Tip #4: Replace hard to find British and Metric Fittings.  Use a conversion adapter and change the BSPP, BSPT, and metric fitting to the easier to find JIC hose end.

Tip #5:   When you place your order for replacement hoses consider having a few extra made for those afterhours emergencies.  With a bit of pre-planning that Saturday morning emergency doesn't have to cost you triple what you paid for the original.

If you are not sure what you have, or need to replace,  feel free to email us at info@hydraulichose.com or call us at 800-698-5754.  We are here to help.

Link:  http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-deere-used-tractors-20160818-story.html

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