What is a Full Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Our technical team at The Hose Company gets asked a lot of questions by our customers in regards to all parts of the hose assembly during purchase new hoses or replacement of old parts.  The hose assembly is first decided by the length and then also the fittings based on the application.   

There are 3 Major Elements of Hydraulic Hose Assembly
  1. Tube: The tube is the interior portion of the hose. Its job is is to get the media from one end of the hose to the other, and also protect the outside from the media or fluid being conveyed through the tube.
  2. Reinforcement: The reinforcement is the strength of the hose and comes in a variety of types, including braided, spiral and helical.  
  3. Cover: The cover is designed to protect the reinforcement and tube from the outside environment.
Types of Hoses.png
All of elements of the hydraulic hose assembly play a vital role to allow the hose to function in different environments, based on the need or application.   
Fittings are usually made of metal, such as carbon steel, stainless steel and brass. Within these fittings there are two major components.  Fitting components are comprised of the following:
  • Socket: This is the portion of the fitting that goes over the outer cover.
  • Stem: The stem is the portion of the fitting that goes directly into the I.D. of the inner tube of the hose. It extends out of the hose and into the connecting end. The connecting end of the fitting is the portion of the fitting that allows the hose to connect to other components as needed.
Hydraulic Hose Fitting

Like hoses, fittings have to meet various specifications and are usually designed to fit a specific hose.  It is important to refer to the manufacturer's recommended hose and fitting combinations for proper assembly and applications to avoid breakdown of equipment.   It's important to note that hydraulic hoses can support a variety of different types of materials, the hose tube material needs to be selected based on the type of hydraulic fluid being used in that equipment.
If you would like suggestions regarding your project, before you purchase, we have a dedicated tech support team, ready to help you design a solution so that you get the right parts you need for your application.  Our team of experienced hydraulic professionals ready to assist you in person, at our Matthews, NC facility, or send as a note info@hydraulichose.com.

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