Why the Hydrauli-Flex Soft Jet Soft Wash Hose is the Best on the Market

Why the Hydrauli-Flex Soft Jet Soft Wash Hose is the Best on the Market

Are you looking for the best soft wash hose on the market? Look no further than Hydrauli-Flex Soft Jet Soft Wash Hose from The Hose Company. This specialized hose is made in the USA and comes in Red, Yellow, and Blue in 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" inner diameter sizes. It's designed with a PVC inner tube to prevent corrosion and kinking, and it's lightweight and less stiff than many other hoses on the market. With its superior durability, you can be sure you're getting the most reliable soft wash hose available.

American Made
Hydrauli-Flex Soft Jet Soft wash hoses are proudly made in the USA from all US-sourced raw materials.  Our RT Hose line is made of reinforced thermoplastic to give you the strength and durability you need when using a multipurpose hose. With our American-made hoses, you can be sure that you're getting the highest quality products possible.

Comes in Multiple Colors
Have you ever wanted to stand out in the crowd while commercial soft washing? Well, with the Hydrauli-Flex Softjet Hose, you can be the envy of the industry! These hoses come in three distinct colors Red, Yellow, and Blue so no matter what SoftJet Hose you choose, you can be sure to make a statement. You won't get the same kind of individual attention from a plain old Multipurpose Hose! Not only will you be able to wash homes and businesses in style, but you'll also be able to tell which hose is yours when it's time to put them away.

Lightweight and Kink Resistant
When it comes to pressure washing, the last thing you want is a hose that kinks up and stops the flow of water. Fortunately, you can rely on the Hydrauli-Flex Soft Jet Soft Wash Hose to stay kink-free, no matter what. This revolutionary hose is so lightweight that it won't even kink when you're pumping Sodium Hypochlorite to drones! That's something you won't get from an ordinary RT Hose or multipurpose hose.
The Softjet Hose is designed with a unique PVC inner tube, which helps it stay both lightweight and kink-resistant. So, you can rest assured that your work won't be interrupted by pesky hoses that give up too easily. And unlike other brands, such as Flexzilla, you won't have to constantly worry about your hose getting all twisted up. With the Softjet Hose, you can kiss your kinking woes goodbye!

Corrosion Resistant
When it comes to pressure washer hoses, you want to make sure your equipment can handle the job. That's why the Hydrauli-Flex SoftJet Hose is the best option on the market. This multipurpose hose is specifically designed with a unique PVC inner tube to withstand harsh chemicals, hot air, bleach, and pesticides that could corrode lesser hoses. You don't have to worry about your SoftJet Hose becoming damaged like you do with other hoses such as Flexzilla. With Hydrauli-Flex SoftJet Hose, you can go about your pressure washing with peace of mind knowing that you have a hose built to last!

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