Hydrauli-Flex is custom manufactured to our unique specifications and quality requirements..

  Having our own line built with the highest protocols, allows us to control the quality of the hose as well as the "look and feel".  When our
Hydrauli-Flex hose arrives, we submit each pallet to a pressure burst test to make certain it meets the SAE standard we require.  With confidence, we can say our hoses meet and exceed any "name brand."

Even with our large inventory on hand, Hydrauli-Flex hose is being delivered monthly to our warehouse.  The reels of hose are rotated often and when you order our hydraulic hose, it is quick to ship out.

The Hose Company is dedicated to the Hydrauli-Flex line. If you are designing at the OEM level our Product Development Manager would be happy to partner with you to determine the right hose for your application. 

 We want you to be as confident using as our hose, as you would be with any well-known brand.

We want to be YOUR brand.

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Hydrauli-Flex is getting it's own website!! Stay tuned for more information!!