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The Hose Company offers hydraulic and industrial hose, hose ends, adapters, or complete, ready to install custom hose setups as kits and bundles.

Building on our 25 years in the industry we are the only price sensitive component website with experience building and deploying products that use hose over 2" on a consistent basis.  

This means we have the on-site expertise to answer your questions and solve your problems with the broadest range of products; in this we have no competition. 

Unlike many websites selling hydraulic components, we have an outside sales force, ready to work with you on the phone, or at your location.  And while we are ready to help with hose kits and bundles we also assist with individual projects like equipment repairs and retrofits. 

Our inventory is built around American made hose ends being sold for the same prices other websites charge for imported fittings. Take a look at our AJ, and AW hose ends and compare prices.

And, if you don't see what you need give us a call or email to or 800-698-5754 and let us source the fitting, adapter,or hose for you.


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