24/7 Mobile Hose Repair

24/7 Mobile Hose Repair

We now offer 24/7 Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repair in the Greater Charlotte Area.

Call us at 1-866-HOSE-FIX (1-866-467-3349)

Waste Expo

Waste Expo

Find us in Vegas for our next trade show of 2019!!

We will be at the Waste Expo May 6-9!
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Rugged. Reliable. Flexible Hydrauli-Flex

Hydrauli-Flex is our own personal brand of Hydraulic Hose. We sell high quality hoses at competitive prices you won't get anywhere else.
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Parker Compatible Hose Ends

Parker Compatible Hose Ends

Our AJ Series hose ends are Parker Compatible!!


It's important to select the right hose.

Let The Hose Company assist you with

your next purchase!


Our top quality hydraulic hoses are offered in every configuration necessary to complete your next project. These hoses are reinforced and guaranteed to handle the highest of pressures.

The Hose Company maintains a stock of industrial hoses to meet your needs. Contact one of our sales representatives to discuss pricing.
Pressure Washer

Reliable pressure washer hoses should be a top priority for any pressure washing professional. Our hoses work at pressures up to 6,200 psi and temperatures up 310 degrees.
Hose Protection

We offer a wide range of sleeves, wraps, amd fire protection to protect your hose from the elements. Get the most out of your Hose Company hose with our hose protection.
Bulk Hoses and Reels

We offer our high quality Hydrauli-Flex Hydraulic Hoses in bulk.

Hose Ends



Choosing the appropriate adapter is just as important as

choosing the right hose!


AJ Series

AJ fittings are used with 1 and 2 wire hydraulic hose. These fittings easily interchange with Parker 43 series. We can provide crimp charts to crimp our fittings in any adjustable crimper.

AW Series

AW fittings are used with 1,2,4 and 6 wire hydraulic hose and interchange with Kurt W and JJ series brands. We can provide crimp charts to crimp our fittings in any adjustable crimper.

AJU Series

AJU fittings are used with 1 and 2 wire hose and can be used with hydraulic hose, ag hose, and air hose. The AJU series interchanges with Weatherhead U series, Kurt Standard series and Couplematic. We can provide crimp charts to crimp our fittings in any adjustable crimper.


Offering a wide range of adapters to help

you with your hydraulic needs!


Steel Adapters

Steel adapters are perfect for high pressure applications, such as pressure washing.

Stainless Steel Adapters

When working with corrosive chemicals or exposure to the elements, stainless steel adapters are the best.

Brass Adapters

Our spectacular brass adapters are perfect for refrigeration and other low pressure hydraulic applications.


Flanges are perfect for almost every above ground application. These are ideal for industrial applications of every sort.

Tube Compression

Our assortment of tube compressors will help when coupling any of our hoses.

Quick Disconnects

Our quick disconnect adapters are compatible with many industry leaders. No matter what your goal may be, we have the adapter to fit your needs.

Tools & Accessories


We offer several sizes of O-rings.

You are sure to find the seal you need

with The Hose Company!