Build Your Own Custom Hose

Our proprietary brand of hydraulic hose, Hyrauli-Flex, can be preassembled to meet your desired specifications. We also offer an assortment of fittings to complete your hydraulic hose assembly. 

These hoses and fittings are constructed in-house and are guaranteed to meet your specifications. We can do so after determining the size of hose you need, as well as the end fittings. It is also a good idea to include a protective hose wrap. We have also included some information below to help you to create the optimal hose assembly to meet your needs.


Click your required hose I.D.

1/4" I.D.

3/8" I.D.

1/2" I.D.

3/4" I.D.

5/8" I.D.

1" I.D.

1-1/4" I.D.

1-1/2" I.D.

2" I.D.

If you need a larger size hydraulic hose, please email to or call us at 800-698-5754.

4 Important Rules For Hose Safety And Installation

  1. Always allow your hose to have some slack when first installed. This will avoid placing unwanted stress on your hose if it moves during use.
  2. Make sure that there is no unwanted twist on the hose assembly during installation.  The hose will attempt to straighten out during use which can lead to damage to your hose assembly.
  3. Avoid excess bends when installing hose.  This can lead to unwanted crimps in your hose, which may lead to catastrophic failure.
  4. Adapters and brackets can prevent exposing your hose to environmental hazards.  Keep your hose neatly secured and away from sources of heat via brackets to ensure the longest lifespan of your hose.