Why Hydrauli-Flex®

Open Source Hydraulic Hose

The Hose Company didn't want to be locked into one name brand hose supplier and felt our customers didn't either.  We did our homework and found a hydraulic hose manufacturer with world-class production systems ready to create a line of hose that measures up to the performance and quality our customers demand.

We developed a manufacturing approach that gives us confidence our hose performance is equivalent to the expensive brand names.  Having our own line built with the highest protocols allows us to control the quality of the hose as well as the "look and feel".  When our Hydrauli-Flex® hose arrives, we submit each pallet to a pressure burst test to make certain it meets the SAE standard we require.  With confidence, we can say our hoses provide a comparable experience to any "name brand."

An advantage to resellers and distributors purchasing Hydrauli-Flex® hose is the opportunity to generate extra profit without extra work.  And for end users, our product offers the quality you expect, and leaves money in your pocket.

Deep Inventory and Strong Marketing

Even with our large inventory on hand, Hydrauli-Flex® hose is being delivered monthly to our warehouse.  The reels of hose are rotated often and when you order our hydraulic hose, it is quick to ship out.

The Hose Company is dedicated to the Hydrauli-Flex® line.  We have an aggressive trade show schedule, advertising, and our ever-growing website.  In addition, if you are designing at the OEM level our Product Development Manager would be happy to partner with you to determine the right hose for your application.   We want you to be as confident using as our hose, as you would be with any well-known brand.

The Right Hose at the Right Price

Hydrauli-Flex® is the right product for you, at a competitive price.  The Hose Company has built up a strong inventory, and active marketing program to support your decision to purchase our hose, whether you are a reseller, distributor, or an end user.

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